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Life in San Francisco

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You might have noticed that I haven’t blogged a long time. The reason behind me postponing the new stuff at Monofactor is that I have been busy at Udemy, the awesome online education startup which contracted me by Jan.

While originally living in Istanbul, Udemy crew needed me here in San Francisco for a couple months, giving me the chance to visit San Francisco for the first time and the amazing people in it. It’s only been a month, but I’ve already met so many kick ass people from the industry, not to mention the super stars in the office I work with at Udemy.

Weather is a Weirdo

Udemy founders Eren Bali, Gagan Biyani and Oktay Caglar invited me to San Francisco with a promise of t-shirts all the day, while it was snowing in Istanbul back then. I came here on a day of March, packed with nothing but short sleeves, and it started raining under 7 °C the next day I arrived.

Turns out SF weather is a bitch. Eren Emre Kanal, a UX designer friend living here says:

It’s the startup weather. Ups and downs all the time. And you always need to keep a jacket with you; in case sun goes into rain, and it does – especially on a summer day.

Since I’m a sun person, this is one good enough reason why I won’t stay here long.


I have been a designer for 15 years and met some really awesome local designers and developers, but here in San Francisco, no designer or developer is ordinary. It’s like design or code superstars everywhere.

I had a chance to join the first meetup for dribbblers in San Francisco where I met these way too awesome people: Andrew Powers – Founder of PageLinesDuc Le and Vilen Rodeski of Smugmug (who also organized the event), Jeffrey Broderick and many other super people.

Good thing there’s another Dribbble SF meetup coming up in 2 weeks so I can catch up with the ones I couldn’t meet yet.


Well this is another reason for my short stay, since everything about here is way too expensive. As I come from another expensive city, Istanbul was easy to live, compared to San Francisco.

Especially when you need a place to stay, the prices are insane. As of at this moment, my dog in my Istanbul house(she’s the only resident now) lives better than I do in here; for I share a room with a friend with the tripled rate of my Istanbul rent.

Adventure So Far

San Francisco is a beautiful city. Great people, very inspiring places, making you productive. I believe everyone must see it here once. But would I live here myself? No, because I live in a cheaper city with similar quality of standards.



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  1. Plomero

    The image is really nice

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    San Francisco ! coll for visitors ….

    prova de conteúdo

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    Thank you. Wonderfull :)

  4. mustafa gülden

    very nice article, Thank you :)

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    Nice to read your oppinion

  6. nname

    nice to read your oppinion on SF. you may do some pictures or something. greetings from Sofia!

    • Onuro

      Thank you :)

      Yes will do. The image I used for this post is actually one of the pictures I took. Will post a gallery once I organize them.


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