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Monofactor Relaunched. Finally.

Wow, 3 years ha. Putting aside the sad fact that I’m getting older, it feels like yesterday when I published the 4th version back in 2009.

It’s funny how a web designer gets incapable of redesigning/updating his own website out of whatever reasons. But if you’ve been following me, you’d know that I have been really busy in the past 3 years. So busy there were times I could hardly allocate a moment to take dump. I kid you not.

Righteously, most of my blog readers started to poke me for when I will publish new stuff and follow ups of my articles.  Eventually, Monofactor’s delayed blog update periods and inactivity for too long did start to hurt me. After all, this site is like my other girlfriend.

And you can’t ignore a girlfriend for a long time, I mean not for 3 years. So baby, how about a fresh start?

Hello Again, Thanks to My new WordPress Theme: Arpora2

Did I mention I love Arpora2? I love it!

Most of you know that I design & develop WordPress themes and premium design goodness in my free time. Arpora2 is one of them, actually my latest premium WordPress Theme at the moment.

Not because I made it, it’s my personal favorite among many WordPress themes as it allowed me modify it a bit and relaunch Monofactor so easy and smoothly.

I have no intentions of bloating the marketing of the theme in this post, but I’m simply thankful to my very self for making this theme.

As you see the site logo also has been redesigned. I’m no logo/branding design pro, and I don’t really fancy the corporate-ish  look of the new logo but I think it’s at least better than the previous one.

Feel free to crack around the new site, check out the new bits. Am I open to critics? No. Haha. Just enjoy.

I love you guys.

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  1. David Knight

    Well done mate. As you say, a long time overdue but certainly worth the wait. =)

    • Onuro

      Thanks man. I totally enjoyed doing it myself :)

      Since we killed the jinx, maybe next redesign would be up sooner than 3 years eh?

  2. Vectorss

    i like nice, clean job. Curiously continue to follow your new article and work.

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